Isn’t it strange how things kind of happen?

Things you never thought they could ever happen. Not like impossible things. Things that surprise you because they happen so unexpected. But they are so beautiful at the same time. When two souls find each other without even realizing it. But then it kind of happens out of nowhere. The two souls find each other and it’s like magic. Love can feel like magic sometimes. Love can feel like thousands of rainbows are shining upon you.

It’s upon us what we see in love. Because love isn’t always the bright rainbow you expect it to be. No – it’s more than that. Love is powerful. Love can change everything. And maybe that’s what makes most people anxious about falling in love. They know what love can do to them. They know that love doesn’t always have to make you feel good and happy. Love can be cruel. Love can be hurtful. Love can be everything you ever think of. It can change a person for a lifetime. And that’s what’s so sad about it. People are too afraid to let love come into their life’s. They might have seen the dark side of love but never had the chance to see how beautiful love can be.